Warranty Policy

  • Warranty Period

                12 Months       – Processors, Motherboards, RAM, HDD, SSD, M.2, Monitor, Video cards, PSU, Liquid Cooling,

                         CPU Cooler, High-End Fans, Printers, and Mobile Phones.

                 3 Months       – Keyboards, mouse, Webcam, Headset, Flash drive.

                 1 month  – Casing, Aux Fans

No Warranty – Software

  • No receipt, No warranty policy
  • No Cash Refund.
  • Only item/s with complete package, unused/unsealed condition can be exchanged.
  • Items purchased are entitled to 7 days replacement & corresponding warranty.

            products under warranty but with no available stock for replacement may be upgraded provided that the customer.

            pays for the price difference between the upgraded and the older model.

           – Warranty Waiting Time: 1 to 2 Months

  • The company reserves the right to decline any return or exchange when the following circumstances occur.
  • Item/s that has been damaged by accident, calamity, misuse, and or other incidents (including but not limited to fire,

           – flood, earthquakes, and or use if incorrect voltage upon plugging in or water spills and the like.

  • Cancellation due to change of mind of the client/s with regards our products.
  • Claiming for parts warranty:

              Warranty receipt must be presented with the concerned problem of the products w/ same Serials Number &

              Warranty Stickers.

  • Warranty void if;

            a. Warranty sticker is damaged, tampered, or missing

            b. Item is damage due to misuse, mishandling or malfunctions.

                software incompatibility maintained and or operated not in accordance with

                manual instructions

  • Warranty Shipping fee shall be covered by the client, back and forth.
    1. 200php going to manufacturer.
    2. 200php going back to store.
  • Monitors with dead pixels shall be reported within 24 hours for a replacement.
  • Above 1 month of purchased item will be a warranty for 1 to 2 months. No Replacement
  • For COD – All warranty concerned after Delivery the buyer shoulder the fees.

>For Free Delivery “Couriers or Delivery Rider”, if the computer system or PC Part is mishandled by the courier & results into damaged item; will void the warranty of the item.